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2nd Gen Digital Wireless 4 Channel DVR Multi-Cam System, 2-4 960P Cams, Heavy Duty, 200 Feet Wireless Range

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2nd Generation 960P HD Wireless 2 to 4 Camera DVR System with 9" LCD! Record and Save video to SD Card.

  • Avoid Accidents: Before you change lanes, see what is in your blind spot! Install a camera on the rear of your vehicle and always see what is behind you.
  • No Monthly FEES EVER! Pay for the equipment once and you will never pay again!
  • 9" LCD: This 9-inch Widescreen LCD with built-in DIGITAL wireless receiver , is a quad-view monitor. 
  • Protect yourself from Fraudulent claims: No More “He Said, She Said”! Record and view up to 4 viewpoints at same time
  • SD Card Memory: 9-inch monitor includes microSD Card slot which will allow you to record all video that is displayed on the monitor & system includes a remote control. Can use up to a 256GB microSD card (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Loop recording: System will loop record, deleting old video with new video, continuously and forever.
  • Wireless: Cameras with up to 300 Feet wireless range.
  • Portable Capability: Need a camera for trailer? Add a Magnet and Battery to 1 or more cameras which will allow you to have a portable camera that can be moved from location to location in seconds.
  • Reduce Accidents: View up to 4 viewpoints before you change lanes, backup to tight areas and more.
  • Heavy Duty: Long Lasting Camera System with Commercial Grade Cameras, that will last years.
  • FREE Shipping: We ship all orders out USPS Priority, 1-3 Day shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Not sure if this is the headset for you, CHECK it out for 30 days to make sure!
  • Easy Install: most customers can install this wireless camera DVR system in a few hours without hiring a company to install.
  • Wireless Technology: Monitor allows for better reception for long range signals with a removable external antenna. LCD menu options allow image rotation, mirror, and non-mirror settings.
  • Adjustable Display: The 9-inch thin LCD sits on a fully adjustable base allowing you to point the screen in almost any direction. It also includes sun shield.
  • DVR built-in: Digital video recorder is built-in to the LCD, which will record up to 4 viewpoints at the same time. You can add up to a 256GB SD card (not included, you can buy from us or add your own) and the DVR will loop record



Heavy Duty Wireless Cameras WITH or WITHOUT 18 IR Lights:

  • 960P Resolution Camera with IR lights includes a heavy-duty metal framed, water-proof wireless camera. Each camera includes high-powered IR LEDs for up to 30-40 feet of night vision viewing in total darkness. Camera uses SONY 1/4-inch high-resolution CCD, with removable external antenna for longer range signal transmissions.
  • Includes Bracket which will allow you to mount this on top of something, underneath something or against something! Also, many truckers install using heavy duty zip ties
  • Estimated unobstructed range is 300 feet. Each camera comes with a heavy-duty adjustable steel mounting bracket. The aluminum alloy metal casing comes with 6.8G-force shock resistant and weatherproof professional grade.
  • If you want to add a camera on the inside of the truck and you believe that the IR lights will cause a reflection on the video, then you can purchase the camera without IR lights. This will remove this reflection, but also remove the benefit of the IR lights in low light situations. The reflection is not a huge problem on most trucks, but based on location of install and angle of the windshield, the IR lights may create a reflection on the video that you may prefer to be removed
Estimated unobstructed range is 300 feet. Each camera comes with a heavy-duty adjustable steel mounting bracket. The aluminum alloy metal casing comes with 6.8G-force shock resistant and weatherproof professional grade.

FalconEye offers this 2 to 4 Cam Heavy Duty Wireless Cam systems that is a perfect system for owner operators, truck drivers and small to large trucking fleets! This Wireless DVR system starts with 2 HD Weatherproof Night Vision 960P Cameras, which will allow you to record what happens from up to 2 viewpoints. Plus, this system allows you to add a 3rd and/or 4th Wireless HD Weatherproof Camera if you want to record additional viewpoints now or in the future.
What separates this system from other FalconEye DVR Cam Systems is that this system offers up to 4 Wireless Heavy Duty night vision cameras, which makes the installation easier and take less time than a wired system, plus gives you the ability to put cameras on the back of trailers of any length (up to 300 foot wireless range is available)! Plus, with the large LCD, you can see behind you on either side and/or behind you, which will help you avoid accidents and catastrophes!
Since the cameras are wireless and are not connected to the LCD for power, power is required for these cameras to operate the transmitter and IR lights. Most customers will install the cameras in a location where you can tap/piggy back into a 12v power source to power the cameras. But if you do not want to connect to a 12v power source, then you can purchase our weather proof heavy duty battery that can power the camera as well, click HERE for the battery.
Another incredible feature is the low light visibility! With the powerful IR lights, you can view and record up to 40-45' away from the cameras, even in a pitch black setting!
If you are looking for a top of the line, commercial grade system with up to 4 cameras, with easy installation due to the wireless cams, this system may be perfect for you. Plus, we are so confident that you will like this system, we will offer you a 100% Money Back guarantee, so there is no rick for you to try this system out! And if you want to get a quote for multiple systems, we can send you a FREE detailed discount quote today, email or call us at 972.600.1320

Standard System includes two (2) 960P wireless cams with the availability to connect up to 4 (4) 960P wireless cams.

    • Monitor Size: 9-inch
    • Monitor Specs: 1024x600P
    • Contrast: 500:1
    • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
    • Viewing Angle: 120 Degree Wide Angle
    • Aspect ratio: 16:09
    • Operating temperature: -20~+60° C, RH 90%
    • Storage temperature: -30~+80° C, RH 90%
    • Operating frequency: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz
    • Transmitting distance: up to 300 ft
    • Receiving sensitivity: -78 dBm
    • Decompression form: MPEG4
    • Emitting frequency: 18dBm
    • Transmitting speed: 12 Mbps
    • Modulation: 2.4G FSK / GFSK
    • TF Card: Max. Up-to 128GB
    • Delaying time: 120 ms
    • System format: PAL / NTSC
    • Energy Consumption: Max. 6W
    How to Wire and Power Your Device


      This system is ideal for any truck, heavy duty truck, class 1 to 8 trucks, 18 wheelers and big rigs, tow trucks, car haulers, propane and fuel/gas trucks, over size trucks and trailers, crane and rigging trucks, RV’s and 5 wheel RV’s and much more. This system could be light duty trucks, pickup trucks as well.

      Here are just some companies we have helped over the past 10  years: Landstar, Georgia Natural Gas, FlexSteel, StageCall Transportation. All Crane, Bennet Transportation, Bryan Materials Group, Intransit  Container, Cannonball Express, Christensen Trucking, WJW Associates, Summit Agricultural, Abatti Companies, RBX Transportation and many more


      • Chips components: AHD HM1246
      • Effective pixels: 1280×960P
      • Signal format: PAL / NTSC
      • Image resolution: 130W pixels
      • Video output: AHD Video Signal
      • Night Vision: Starlight Night Vision, visible distance is greater than 10 meters
      • Lens :16MM F1.6 6 glass Lens.
      • Working temperature: -30 °C ~ +60°C


      Do you want a camera without IR lights? In some cases the IR lights will reflect off the windshield. Select 'WITHOUT IR" lights at checkout.



      • 2, 3 or 4 Digital Wireless Heavy-Duty Night Vision Cameras (depending upon if you choose 2, 3 or 4 cameras during checkout, Cameras can also be ordered WITHOUT IR LIGHTS at checkout. No Price difference.
      • Digi Quad 9-inch LCD Monitor w/ built-in digital receiver
      • Dash mounting bracket for LCD
      • Sun-shield for LCD Monitor 
      • 12v Hard Wire Power Cable & Cig Lighter Power Cable for LCD Monitor 
      • Remote Control for LCD Monitor 
      • 1 Small Antennas for LCD Monitor, 1 small antenna for each camera
      • Video cable, screws, wire connectors
      • User manual 


      • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB SD Card
      • Additional Digital Wireless Camera (4th camera) ($124.79) CLICK HERE
      • Magnetic Mount for Camera (allows you to mount camera to metal easily) ($24.99) CLICK HERE
      • Heavy Duty Rechargeable Weatherproof Battery with 10-12 Hours of run time (allows you to install and move camera in seconds), CLICK HERE
        • Stuff to Know Concerning Installation and DVR Functionality:
        • Each Camera includes a 12 volt power cable. You will need to tap each camera into a 12 volt power source.
        • Once the LCD is one and the cameras have power, the LCD will automatically display the cameras.
        • You should set up the LCD to show quad view, which means it will show 4 camera views at same time. With only 3 cameras included, you will have one of the screens blank
        • DVR Function
        • If you purchase and insert a microSD card, you can now use this as a DVR to record the video
        • The LCD will record what is shown on the LCD, which means if you show only one camera, only that one video will be recorded. If you show quad screen, then the LCD will record the quad screen video 

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        Stephen Morrill
        Had to exchange it for a wired system

        The wireless system interfered with my factory satellite radio. I tried everything to stop the interference. James was great, got it exchanged out for a wired system. I haven’t installed it yet, fingers crossed.

        Joel Anderson
        2nd Gen Digital Wireless 4 Channel Multi-Cam

        The gen 2 wireless system is good value for the quality of product you receive. The thing that stands out most about this system is it unique colorful picture quality that grabs your attention even from a distance.

        Dave C
        2nd Gen Digital Wireless 4 Channel Multi-Cam

        Great 4 Cam System, had it for 6 months now, system is going well. I am using 4th cam to watch the cargo as i am driving. I continue to spread the word to all truckers about Falcon Eye.

        Talmadge Smith
        2nd Gen Digital Wireless 4 Channel Multi-Cam

        I love this falcon electronics wireless system its the perfect application because I can select any one of the cameras to look at whenever I get ready. This camera system also give me a great picture of my quick attach on the front of my loader.

        Charlie Bulloss
        2nd Gen Digital Wireless 4 Channel Multi-Cam

        Love this system, had it over 4 years, use this on a horse trailer. I can see the horses and what is going on at all times, helps me keep them safe. Love it so much i just bought a new trailer and i am buying a new system for this new trailer.

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