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Wired Heavy Duty Backup Camera System with 7" LCD! Optional 2nd Cam Available! FREE Shipping

$ 169.97 $ 229.99


Wired Backup Camera for Your Big Rig, Heavy Duty Vehicles, RV's, Buses & More!

This heavy duty night vision bracket camera system will show video of what is behind vehicle when vehicle is in reverse. This system has a Color Night Vision Camera that is designed to be installed practically anywhere on a vehicle, rear bumper, trailing or leading edge on vehicle or trailer and much more. This system is designed for large heavy duty trucks and vehicles and RV’s. Power is supplied to the camera by tapping into reverse back lights. This system also includes a 7” LCD with heavy duty windshield bracket that can be installed on windshield or dash. When the camera powers on, the LCD will display what is behind the vehicle. This camera includes night vision LED lights that will illuminate at night giving the driver good visibility at night. This system is designed for trucks, commercial trucks, RV,s buses and more.


  • Heavy Duty bracket CCD camera
  • Bracket offers a wide variety of installation options. 
  • Includes night vision LED’s to illuminate at night – up to 5 meter night visibility
  • Wide angle camera will offer wide viewing angle, 145 degree lens angle
  • Camera angle can change up and down
  • Includes a LCD with 420 lines of resolution
  • LCD has additional video input that can be used for DVD players and more! Anything with a RCA video out
  • Monitor with four angle viewing switch (normal, reverse, inverted and inverted reverse)
  • Includes Heavy Duty dash mount
  • Includes a 60’ heavy duty cable to connect from controller to LCD
  • System comes with Heavy Duty bracket camera, but you can switch to a heavy duty in-bumper camera
  • Can add Heavy Duty Trailer connectors that will allow you to install on a two piece trailer or RV (can not use controller if using trailer connectors)
  • Easy Install, installs in 45-90 minutes
  • Includes 1 year warranty


  • Waterproof night vision heavy duty bracket camera
  • Heavy duty dash mount
  • 7” LCD Display
  • 60’ heavy duty cable
  • LCD remote control
  • Installation guide


Product Disclaimer: This system is designed to be an aid and should not replace the need to drive carefully. Under no circumstances will manufacturer, supplier or retailer accept any responsibility or cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage or for injuries results from installing or using this system or from any backing accident




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