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EagleEye Triple Cam 1080P Dashcam - MAIN UNIT ONLY

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Falcon Electronics Eagle Eye 3-4 Cam Dash Cam System - MAIN UNIT ONLY

  • Multiple Viewpoints: Record from 3 - 4 Viewpoints with HD Wide Angle Cameras
  • Front View Cam: Includes 1 windshield front facing main camera to record what happens in front
  • LCD Screen: Includes a 4" LCD so you can view all recordings from your vehicle
  • Easy to Use: Uses only 1 power source for main dash cam that plugs into 12V cigarette lighter charger or purchase direct power hard wire kit CLICK HERE
  • Fraud Protection: Prove what happened from 3-4 Viewpoints! No more "He Said, She Said"
  • Immediate Playback: Show police officers at the scene of accident of the recording, so the officer can issue the ticket/citation in your favor
  • FREE Shipping: We ship all orders out USPS Priority, 1-3 Day shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Not sure if this is the headset for you, CHECK it out for 30 days to make sure!
  • Save Money: Lower insurance costs and deductibles immediately  

FalconEye offers this simple to install dash cam system that can record 3 viewpoints with an optional 4th viewpoint. This will give you 360 degree coverage of what happens in front, on the side and behind your vehicle! 

Plus, The FalconEye 3-4 Cam dash cams offers GPS, which will record vehicle speed and location on all videos files, so you can prove the speed you are going in addition to the video of what actually happened! 

This system is one of the only dash cams on the market today that will record 3-4 viewpoints in one simple to install, easy to operate and low cost dash cam system! If you are looking for a budget friendly, easy to install system that can record 3 or 4 viewpoints, this is the perfect dash cam system! We are so confident that you will like this system, we will offer you a 100% Money back guarantee, so there is no risk for you!


  • Protect Yourself & Livelihood, No more “He Said, She said”
  • Records up to 4 Viewpoints
  • Dual SD Card Slot. Main Camera and *optional 4th Camera records videos on one SD card and the 2 outside rear cams record on the other 2nd SD card. All Videos are record simultaneously on both micro-SD cards
  • You choose the Memory sizes during checkout from - 2 32GB micro-SD, 2 64GB micro-SD cards, or max of 2 128GB micro-SD cards
  • GPS Included - GPS will record vehicle speed & location on all video files (If you want GPS to be disabled, unplug the GPS antenna)
  • Simple, Easy Installation, 1 Power Source
  • Includes 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty 

    Product Overview Videos

    Sample Driving Videos

    The FalconEye 3-4 dash cam acts as your vehicle black box, recorded videos are time and date stamped to prevent fraudulent claims and traffic tickets. We all know that this technology has been used by police officers for years to protect them, why shouldn’t you use that same technology? If your insurance company or judge wants evidence of a traffic ticket or accident, you will now have time and date stamped video that will assist you! And with the EagleEye 4, you can provide 3 or 4 viewpoints to the police or insurance company to prove what actually happened!! 

    • Video Main Camera: MP4 Format, 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
    • Viewing Angle: Main Camera 170 Degree, 2-4 Cameras 140 Degree
    • Display: 4.0” 16:9 Colorful LCD
    • SD Card: Dual microSD Card Slots. You can have up to a 128GB microSD Card in each SD Card Slot
    • Length of Recording Time on SD Cards:
    • 5-7 Hrs with 32GB 
    • 10-14 Hrs with 64GB 
    • 20-28 Hrs with 128GB
      • Video Format: MP4
      • G-Sensor & SOS Button: included   
      • Interface: USB. 2.0, AV-IN, GPS 
      • Internal Microphone: included (main camera only)
      • Operation System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista or above
      • Continuous Loop Recording: Included
      • Motion Detection: Included
      • Power: DC5V
      • Loop Recording: Included
      • Battery Use Time: Up to 5 minutes (not designed to be used without charger)
      • Main Dash Cam with 4.0" LCD
      • Includes 2 SD Card slots, can add memory up to 128GB microSD cards in each SD card slot. 
      • 30 day 100% money backup guarantee
      • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
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