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Discontinued Fleet Dash Cam - 4G MNVR 3-5 Cam DVR System with Live Streaming, GPS, WIFI & More

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This system has been discontinued and has been replaced with our upgraded system. Click on link to view full product details on product page.  CLICK LINK BELOW TO VIEW NEW SYSTEM.


This top of the line Fleet and Trucker 3 Camera System offers 1080P HD resolution cams with 4G technology capabilities to remotely view live camera recordings. This system also offers GPS Tracking, internal WIFI connections and FREE mobile APPS to view cameras. When this system is online, you can view and download LIVE and PAST videos on any smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop from anywhere in the world using our FREE PC software and FREE mobile App downloads from any Android or iOS device.

With this camera system, you will be able to protect your fleet or truck by recording up to 5 viewpoints, receive instant alerts of accidents, view and download videos from your home/office in seconds, track the vehicle with GPS tracking and much more.


  • Protect yourself or your fleet with video evidence from up to 5 viewpoints
  • Reduce insurance costs with discounts from insurance companies
  • Reduce accidents and increase safety from your fleet, it has been proven that drivers will drive more safely when cameras are present
  • Monitor vehicle from office or home from up to 5 viewpoints when you are away from truck or when drivers are driving
  • Remote live viewing of camera recordings, view and download past videos from your favorite device. Available on IOS/ ANDROID apps.
  • Record & View up to 5 cameras at once (can use 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Cameras)
  • All Cameras are waterproof and heavy duty with night vision, can be mounted anywhere
  • GPS: View live GPS position and routes with speed tracking 
  • Store up to 1 TB of Video (up to 200 Hours of video stored)
  • Password Protected System with Key Locked Memory Slots, which means you can lock drivers from deleting/editing video or turning off system
  • Can use a 7" or 10" LCD or you can use without LCD. LCD will allow you or your drivers to view 1-5 cameras while driving, which will assist in reducing accidents
  • Samples may be available upon request and/or receive FREE Volume Discount Quote & Information: Call 972.600.1320 or email 

    Bottom line, if you are wanting the BEST fleet trucking camera system in the USA, then this is the system for you!


    • Real-time remote monitoring from anywhere in the world on your favorite device. Enjoy video downloading, parameter configuration, remote upgrades, and other data communication through *WIFI or 3G/4G/LTE sim card service. SIM CARD service not included, but can be added from our 4G TAB or CLICK HERE for details. You can provide your own sim card service from wireless carries AT&T, or T-Mobile.
    • View and Record up to 5 Viewpoints: Up to 4CH AHD 1080P + 1 IPC (1080P) for a total of 5 cameras available! System can record in lower resolution of AHD720P/D1/HD1/CIF. Other video features are OSD overlay, channel name, license plate number, GPS location, speed tracking, & more!
    • Large Video Storage: All systems include a dual SD Card storage system. The Dual SD cards system can use up to two 256GB SD Cards for max storage of 512GB, plus you can add an optional internal 512GB SSD (out of stock until Aug 11 2019) for a total max storage of 1024GB (over 1 Terabyte, which can save up to 200 yours before loop recording).
    • MNVR System works without a LCD or you can add a 7” or 10” Monitor! If LCD is added, driver can view up to 5 viewpoints to use a blind sport awareness to avoid accidents while driving
    • System is password protected and all memory is locked (with Key), which means driver cannot turn off system, delete videos or change any settings without a password and set of keys. 
    • Can use with or with LCD. Optional 7” or upgrade to 10” LCD for driver to view real time recordings, change menu settings and show past videos. 
    • Receive accident, over-speed and other alerts via email,text, mobile app
    • Standard 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty 



    The power supply of the main unit has three cable wires. Red, black and yellow. The red and black lines are directly connected to the car battery. The red line is connected to the positive pole, the black line is connected to the negative pole and the yellow line is connected to the ignition line (ACC). If the red and yellow lines are tested indoors, they can be connected together. Positive, then directly powered by DC12V. Check that the power cable is connected properly. Make sure that the key gear hits the LOCK file after the cable is connected, and it will start normally. The power light is red after normal startup.

    For full details and diagrams click HERE.

    Have Questions call 972.600.1320 or click HERE to receive info/quote/sample.

    *WIFI – Must be used with USB Tool to be inserted in front USB port for WIFI function to be enabled.


    This system is equipped with GPS, which will give you 3 great features.

    First, you can remotely view in real time the GPS location of any vehicle that is connected to the internet. In addition, view all past GPS locations, verify drivers speeding habits and view history of all past driven locations that is still saved on memory.

    Secondly, you can receive numerous GPS alerts like, over speed alerts, Geo-fencing alerts, G-Sensor alerts and many others!

    Third, all GPS data settings are saved to each video file. Now you can now prove the speed and location of all trucks on all videos in case of accidents or traffic tickets. 


    G-Sensor: gravity sensor that will lock and protect videos when a rapid deceleration or acceleration occurs, as in an accident or unexpected driver behavior. When the G-Sensor is activated, the video file that is currently being recorded will be locked, and  saved so the continuous loop recording will not delete video file. Plus, you can receive a text and email alert if the G-Sensor is ever activated. Alerts can be set to be sent to multiple people.

    This 1080P 4G *WIFI 3-5 Cam MNVR System is our top of the line system specially designed for owner-operators, small, medium and large trucking fleets plus any bus fleets and other heavy-duty vehicles! 

    Do you have questions? Do you need to customize the configuration for your vehicle/s? Do you want to receive a FREE volume discount quote? Do you want to request a sample to use?


    Includes 2 SD card slots to support up to 512GB (256GB SD card Per Slot) with is stored inside a keyed lockable slot that can only be accessed using the included key set. Another 512GB is available using internal SSD,*out of stock until Aug 11 2019must be purchased in advanced.

    *(Cannot be added after purchase)

    Length of Recording Time based on camera resolution settings: 

    1 camera recording at 1 hour of saved recordings based on resolution:

    • CIF = 0.22 GB/HR
    • D1 = 0.88 GB/HR
    • 720P = 1.32 GB/HR
    • 1080P = 2.25 GB/HR

    Based on this you can calculate your ideal storage size requirements. Example: 4 1080P cameras recording a time frame of 11 hours per day & recording for 5 days = 495 GB (2.25GB an hour x 11 hours daily x 5 days)

    • 1 week with 4 Cams (11 hours per day, 5 days per week) = 495 GB*
    • 2 week with 4 Cams (11 hours per day, 5 days per week) = 990 GB

    *Number of recorded hours vary based on how many cameras are recording and the resolution settings. 

    Video will continuously loop record based on the size of memory included. Once it starts to loop record, it will delete old video with new video. It will not record over G-Sensor protected videos. 

    • Video 4 Channel Cameras: AHD WDR 1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS
    • Video 5th Camera: IPC 1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS
    • Cable Length: Indoor Cams 15 feet, Outside Cams 30 feet
    • Video Compression: G.726
    • Video File Format: H.265 High Profile Compression
    • Viewing Angle: Main Camera 140 Degree, 2nd Camera 140 Degree
    • Display: Optional 7 and 10 inch LCD Monitor
    • Security: User Password, Admin Password Management
    • SD Card: up to 512GB micro SD Card (up to 256GB SD Card dual slot)
    • Length of Recording Time on SD Cards:
      • 5-7 Hours with 32GB
      • 10-14 Hours with 64GB
      • 20-28 Hours with 128GB
      • 40-56 Hours with 256GB
      • 80-112 Hours with 512GB
    • GPS: Included (tracks vehicle speed & location and live tracking if unit is online)
    • Power Options: ACC on or off, Timing on or off
    • OSD: Will record date/time, vehicle ID on video files
    • G-Sensor: 3 axis solid collision detection
    • Wireless Technology Included:
      • Buiilt-in 3G/4G Wireless Module for AT&T & T-Mobile Network
      • Compatible GPRS, EDGE
      • WiFi, supports hot spot and portable internet sources
    • Operation System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista or above
    • Continuous Loop Recording: Included
    • Parking Motion Detection: Included
    • Power: DC8V ~ 36V
    • Cycled Recording: Included
    • Working Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

    Have Questions call 972.600.1320 or click HERE to receive info/quote/sample.

    *WIFI – Must be used with USB Tool to be inserted in front USB port for WIFI function to be enabled.


    Standard MNVR system includes 3 1080P cameras with the option of up-to 5 1080P cameras.

    1080P HD High Resolution camera option is perfect for any trucker or fleet!  We have a standard camera configuration when you order, however, we have 4 different types of cameras that you can choose.


    1 Heavy Duty Front Facing Camera:

    Usually installed forward facing on the dash, this 1080P HD High Resolution Heavy Duty Bracket camera records 150 degree angles. These camera's have 18 IR lights to assist in recording low-light environments.

    2 Aerodynamic Side Cameras:

    Designed to be rear facing installed on the driver and passenger-side mirrors or fenders. These cameras provide a full 360-degree scope of coverage. Within each camera are 12 IR lights which assist in recording low-light environments. Brackets are also included which make installation quick and easy. 

    If you want all 3 cameras to be Heavy Duty Bracket cams, we can do this at no additional cost.

    We also have a Bar Bracket 1080P Cam available that you can exchange any of these cameras for at no cost, click HERE.

    4 CAMERA TO 5 CAMERA SYSTEM (optional)

    4th Camera: (optional)

    1 Heavy Duty Back Facing Camera:

    If you add a 4th camera, we will include a heavy duty bracket camera. This camera can be installed in many places, where to install is up to the driver and company. This 1080P HD Heavy Duty Bracket camera will record everything you see behind you if rear facing of you can point this camera inside the vehicle on the driver. Other ideas for this 4th camera is to have 2 cameras front facing one on each side of the vehicle to get 180-200 degree coverage of what happens in front of you. Another option is to put this inside your trailer or behind your trailer. The options are almost limitless!  Within the camera are 18 IR lights which assist in recording low-light environments. 

    5th Camera (optional)

    Heavy Duty IPC Camera:

    Usually installed facing towards the driver or anywhere inside. This 1080P HD Heavy Duty Bracket camera records 170 degree angles. This camera has 18 IR lights to assist in recording low-light environments.

    7” or 10" DASH MOUNTED LCD (optional)

    Some customers/fleets do not want a LCD to view live video while driving, but you can upgrade to a LCD screen for a nominal cost. Using a large LCD screen, you have many viewpoint options. One camera in full screen, two cameras in split screen and up to four cameras in quad screen (show 4 camera live view at one time). LCD dash mount is included. Upgrade to a larger 10” LCD quad screen for an additional $30.00.

    • LCD: Not included, but can upgrade to 7" or 10" LCD
    • 5 Channel MDVR Black Box Unit 1 - Key lock access
    • No Memory, can add up to 512GB SD Card memory upon checkout
    • Can Add optional 512GB internal SSD during checkout *out of stock until Aug 11 2019
    • 1 – Front Facing 1080P Heavy Duty Bracket Sony Camera (Weatherproof)
    • 2 – 1080P Indoor/Outdoor Color Weatherproof Color Cameras
    • 2 – 30-foot Extension Cables for 2 Outside Cam
    • 1 – 15-foot Extension Cable for main camera
    • 1 – 12 Volt Long Hard Wire Power Cable for Monitor
    • 1 – 12 Volt Short Hard Wire Power Cable for Monitor
    • 1 – AV Cable
    • 1 – Software CD GPS Antenna & G-Sensor Included
    • 1 Year Warranty (can add 2 or 3 year no questions asked warranty during checkout)
    • FREE Shipping (USA address, orders by 2 PM will ship same day)
    • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    In order to provide real time viewing and monitoring, our MNVR system must be connected to the internet while driving. There are 3 options that can allow this system to be connect to the internet:

    1. *WIFI – If you already have a *WIFI internet hotspot available in your vehicle, this system can be connected to this *WIFI source.
    2. 4G SIM Card – This system offers a 4G Sim Card slot, which means you can insert a 4G Sim card from AT&T or T-Mobile. SIM Card must have an active data plan from ATT or T-Mobile. Once SIM card is inserted to the MVNR sim card slot, you can connect to the internet to enable live remote viewing access. We recommend an unlimited data plan for your SIM Card. You can provide you own SIM card or you can purchase the SIM card and service from us, details are below: 

    *WIFI – Must be used with USB Tool to be inserted in front USB port for WIFI function to be enabled. 

    • 5 Channel MNVR Black Box Unit with key lock door and TWO SD Slots
    • 2 – Keys to lock/unlock door (power on device)
    • 1 – Heavy Duty Bracket Front Facing 1080P camera (PAL)
    • 1 –15-foot Extension Cable for front facing camera
    • 2 – Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof 1080P camera’s (PAL)
    • 2 – 30-foot Extension Cables for 2 Indoor/Outside Cameras
    • 1 – 12 Volt Long Direct Hard Wire Power Cable
    • 1 – 12 Volt Short Direct Hard Wire Power Cable
    • 1 – AV Cable *if LCD is purchased
    • 1 – 4G antenna
    • 1 – GPS antenna
    • 1 – Remote Controller
    • 1 – Instructional Manual
    • 1 – Software CD or instructions to download videos
    • 1 – Client IP Server log-in info for remote GPS Tracking and Live Viewing
    • FREE Same Day Shipping (US address, order by 2 PM will ship same day)
    • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Add-On Options: Select During Checkout:

    • LCD: Choose from 7" or 10" LCD
    • 2 or 3 YR “NO QUESTIONS” asked warranty
    • Up-to 512GB SD Cards – (2) 256GB SD CARDS
    • 512GB internal SSD storage space *out of stock until Aug 11 2019


    • 1 – 4th Camera - Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof 1080P camera (PAL)
    • 1 – 5th IP Camera - Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof 1080P camera’s (PAL)

      No matter how or what you transport, our 3 Camera (up-to 5 Cameras) System can be configured to fit your exact needs. Whether you need 3, 4, or 5 cameras, they mount practically anywhere you prefer. Our system gives you the kind of coverage you need both inside and outside your vehicle. With continuous power for 24-hour loop recordings, our system records all events around your vehicle.   

      Monitor your blind spots or your cargo area during your trip using your mobile device or view from the optional 7" or upgrade to a 10" LCD.

      What type of vehicle do you drive and what do you transport? 


      Have Questions call 972.600.1320 or click HERE to receive info/quote/sample.

      *WIFI – Must be used with USB Tool to be inserted in front USB port for WIFI function to be enabled.


      Coming Soon:

      Have Questions? Email us at 

      *WIFI – Must be used with USB Tool to be inserted in front USB port for WIFI function to be enabled.



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