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Discontinued 720P MDVR 3-4 Cam DVR System, 7" LCD! Perfect System for Fleets & Truckers!

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HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

MDVR 720P 3 Camera System with 7” LCD and optional to add 4th camera

  • Top of the Line 3-4 Camera MDVR System for Truckers & Fleets
  • Record 3-4 Viewpoints in 720P HD using Heavy Duty  Cams w/ Night Vision
  • 7” LCD with Quad Screed (View 1, 2 or 4 Viewpoints) (can upgrade to 9" LCD)
  • Locked Dual SD Card Slots with 64GB included, can use up to 256GB (Choose Memory During Checkout)
  • Includes GPS to Record Speed and Location
  • Record up to 200 hours before Loop Recording (if you upgrade to 256GB)
  • Password protected system
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty
  • FREE 1-3 Day Shipping, Ships SAME DAY 

Meet the ultimate in dashboard camera technology. Protect your fleet or yourself with this innovative product. Video quality and technical strength exceeds the best in the industry.

MDVR system has three 720P cams giving you 3 viewpoints of video recordings. All recordings are time and date stamped. MDVR GPS 720P HD System is compact, durable, and will give you the video evidence you need to protect yourself!

This is the ultimate system for truckers, especially fleets. If you are looking to buy 2, 10, 20 or more, please email or call Jimmy at 972.600.1320 and we can put together a customized volume discount quote! Also, we are able to customize this system with additional features not listed below for fleets, such as adding WIFI, up to 8 cameras, 1080P Cameras and more!



HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

Connect up to 4 cameras at once for the ultimate in functionality. This system has an integrated GPS system, records 3-4 camera viewpoints, and overall location of your vehicle. Included viewer software will shows time, date, and location (speed, latitude, longitude) of vehicle in Google Maps.


All SD cards are securely stored inside a lockable slot and can only be accessed by included key.

Length of Recording Time on SD Cards:
• 40 - 50 Hrs with 64GB
• 80 - 100 Hrs with 128GB
• 160 - 200 Hrs with 256GB
Video will continuously record based on the size of the SD card. Once it starts to loop record, it will delete old video with new video. It will not record over any saved videos.


This unit includes 3 cameras perfect for any trucker or fleet! 4th camera is additional charge.

  • Heavy Duty Front Facing Camera - Usually installed on the dash, this 720P HD Heavy Duty Bracket camera will record everything you see and hear in front of you. Within the camera are 14 IR lights which assist in recording low-light environments. *This camera can be installed anywhere - weatherproof, heavy duty, includes a 5-meter cable.
  • 2 Outdoor Cameras- Designed to be rear facing installed on the driver and passenger-side mirrors. These cameras provide a full 360-degree scope of coverage. Within each camera are 11 IR lights which assist in recording low-light environments. Brackets are also included which make installation quick and easy. *Weatherproof, includes two 10 meter cables.
  • Additional Cameras- For a slight increase in cost, purchase a 4th camera (Heavy Duty or Outdoor) for additional viewpoint coverage.


Using a large 7” LCD screen, you have many viewpoint options. One camera in full screen, two cameras in split screen and up to four cameras in quad screen (show 4 camera live view at one time). LCD dash mount is included. Upgrade to a larger 9” LCD quad screen for an additional $34.97. CLICK HERE.


G-Sensor: gravity sensor that will lock and protect videos when a rapid deceleration or acceleration occurs, as in an accident. When the G-Sensor is activated, then the video file that is currently being written will be locked so the continuous recording will not delete this video file.

Additional Benefits:

  • MDVR is owner password protected preventing non-owner from changing settings or deleting videos without password.
  • Records 3-4 viewpoints with time and date stamped in 720 HD quality
  • Loop records video continuously, replacing old video recordings with new footage- based on SD size
  • Three cameras included, records 3 viewpoints at once, can add a 4th camera
  • 120-degree Wide Angle with 720P HD Cameras
  • All cameras are 100% weatherproof with 120-degree angle and comes with up to a 90' cable
  • Dual SD Card Slot.
  • This unit will includes 64GB (2 32GB SD Cards) but you can upgrade up to 256GB (2 128GB SD Cards)

Upgrade both SD cards to 96GB, 128GB or 256GB SD cards upon checkout. 

HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

  • Operational System: Linux
  • Resolution: Chipset Hi-3520
  • Compression: H.264
  • Signal System: PAL:25 fps, NTSC: 30 fps
  • Language: English or Chinese, OSD Menu
  • Display Frame Rate: 1280 x 720, 720P
  • Video Input/Output: 4-CH Input/1CH Output
  • Audio Input/Output: 4-CH Input/1CH Output
  • Alarm Input/Output: 4 alarm Input/2 Output
  • Recording: Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Speed Detection, Synch Time, Event Sensor trigger, Speeding, Accelerator, Temperature, Video Loss
  • Playing Mode: Supports 1 channel or synchronous 4 channels by PC
  • Searching Mode: By time/By date/By event
  • Storage: Supports single/dual SD card, up to 128GB SD Card Per SD Card Slot. Includes 2 32GB SD Cards for 64GB, can use up to 256GB Total
  • Model: G Sensor, GPS
  • Remote Control: IT Remote Control
  • Software Upgrade: SD Card
  • Power Input/Output: 8-36V Input, 12V Output

HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

  • 4 Channel MDVR Unit with Dual DVR Lockable SD Card SLOT and set of keys
  • GPS Antenna & G-Sensor technology
  • 2 – 32 GB SD Cards (64GB, can upgrade memory upon checkout)
  • 1 – Front Facing 720P Heavy Duty Bracket Sony CCD Camera (Weatherproof)
  • 2 – 720P Indoor/Outdoor Color Weatherproof Color Cameras 
  • 2 – 30-foot Extension Cables for 2 Outside Cam
  • 1 – 15-foot Extension Cable for main camera
  • 1 –  12 Volt Long Hard Wire Power Cable for Monitor
  • 1 –  12 Volt Short Hard Wire Power Cable for Monitor
  • 1 –  AV Cable 
  • 1 – Quad Screen 7” LCD Monitor with Dash Mount & Remote Control (can upgrade to 9" LCD during checkout)
  • 1 –  Software CD
  • 1 – PCMI Cable
  • Part #: FEMDVR128GB3


    Still not sure? Here is a product and installation overview from a truck driver and from the Depreys, both are existing Falcon Eye customers


    HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

    • What is this?
    • How does it work?
    • Is this system easy to operate? How to Set Date & Time?
    • How much storage memory can this MDVR include?
    • How much video for 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? 128GB? 256GB?
    • How can I pay? Do you offer financing?
    • What is G-Sensor?
    • How good is the recording during the day & night?
    • Can I use one power source for this unit?
    • How does the GPS work?
    • Can I install this system myself or will I need to hire a professional?
    • Can I add a 4th camera to this unit?
    • Can I interchange the 2 different cameras?
    • Can I get a larger LCD display?
    • What operating system will work with the DVR software that is included? Online CD software available here.
    • Does this system always record?
    • Can I lock the memory?
    • Can I see real time live video from a home or office computer? Can anyone see real time live video?
    • Is the system password protected?
    • When will you ship this product?
    • Will you ship to Canada and other countries?
    • Do I have to connect the MDVR or display to the vehicle's ignition or can I just hook them to the battery?
    • I cannot open the MDVR settings window -- I click the "OK" button on the soft keyboard, but nothing happens, what do I do?
    • When I put the SD card into my computer, Windows says that it needs to be formatted. What do I do?
    • I installed the player software but it doesn't find the SD card when I open the player software. Why is this happening?
    • The player software opens but there are no videos shown and no videos will play. How do I solve this?
    • I converted video to AVI, but Windows won't play the video. What do I do now?
    • I want to set up the CMS Server software -- how can I do it?

      HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED & REPLACED by 2nd Generation 1080P 3-4 Cam System, Click HERE

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