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AT&T Group A - $65.00 a month (up to 10mbs speed cap) up to 100GB. Slower
speeds occur after allotment has been used in a monthly data cycle. Slow speeds reduce to 1-3Mbs DL/UP.

All you pay is one price regardless of how much data you use.

Download Speeds Typical at (12-35Mbs with burst up to 40Mbs)

Upload Speeds Typical at (3-15 Mbs with burst up to 15Mbs)

1After you use your plans allotment of high-speed Internet data you will be subject to slower speeds, speed reduction will occur until your next data reset cycle date (11th or 17th). Also depending on the plan chosen will determine how slow the restricted data will be. Video streaming quality may be slightly affected by the during service slow down periods. 

  1. This plan offers guaranteed higher data speeds during your usage allotment period.

  2. After usage allotment is used up speeds reduce to 2-5Mbs D/U typical.

  3. This plan is NOT speed limited, which allows for higher download / upload speeds.

  4. This plan can display up to 1080p HD quality on demand but higher quality may be obtained. Video quality is not guaranteed.

  5. Customers can switch at any time to higher or lower tiered allotment data plans and pay the difference for the new plan cost.

  6. Price includes all taxes, fees, line charges, etc..

  7. This plan has usage allotments but customers can use as much data they need during the reduced speed allotment.

What is the difference between our unlimited plan and other providers selling unlimited plans?

We get this question all the time, Here it is, we have complete control of the speed and the amount of data you can use. Other providers are selling you faith based cell phones plans that offer 22GB of high speed data and then can go slower after congestion. The reason that it does not go slower quicker is that the cell tower is not congested and allows the cell phone to go on for a bit longer before being throttled down.