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🔥 WINTER SALE 🔥 12% OFF & FREE SHIPPING! Use Promo Code: 12OFF21
🔥 WINTER SALE 🔥 12% OFF & FREE SHIPPING! Use Promo Code: 12OFF21
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About Us

FalconEye Electronics is operated by a team of customer service reps and professionals that have over 40 years of combined experience in the truck driving industry. We know the trucker and fleet trucking company and what is important to the driver or fleet or safety manager. We designed all of our products with the truck driver in mind. We are located in the great state of Texas but we work with truckers and fleets all over the USA, Canada and in other countries. We have a team of technical customer service reps that will assist you with anything concerning this great product, pre-sale and post-sale service. We have a team of warehouse and shipping professionals that will ship out your order the same day. And we have the BEST selection of cameras in the USA, we offer competitive pricing and we offer money back guarantees, FREE Quotes, FREE Samples and much more!

We know that you may have many options for you to choose to do business with, but we are confident that if you give FalconEye a chance, you will most likely choose to trust us with your business and to help you prevent accidents and fraudulent claims!

Bottom line, when you buy from us, you are not buying from a guy in a garage, or a Chinese company or a large company that does not care about you. You are buying from a small company that knows you, cares about offering the best service and support and wants to earn not only your business, but your trust.

To Contact, please call 972.600.1320 or email us at


8868 Research Blvd, Ste 208, Austin, TX 78758