3 Dash Camera system-1 Windshield Mounted Cam & 2 Waterproof outside cams- One Power Source

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Brand New Dash Camera. Designed for Truckers, Perfect Setup for the Truck Driver!

Protect Yourself Today from Fraudulent Claims! Record from 3 Viewpoints!s

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EXCLUSIVE 3 CAM Dash Cam with 1 LCD and 1 Power Source! Won't find anything like it on Ebay, Amazon, or other discount websites! NOT available in Truckstops!

  • Includes 1 Main Camera that will mount on Windshield & face forward to record everything that happens in front of you
  • Includes 2 Waterproof cams with 45' cables that you will mount on each mirror to record everything that happens behind you on each side of your truck
  • Includes 3" LCD so you can view all videos from your vehicle
  • Has only one power source for main dash cam that plugs into 12v Cig Lighter Charger
  • Want to track your speed & location with GPS? Add GPS Antenna as an accessory to track vehicle speed & location! 
  • Includes 2 SD Card slots
  • Add memory up to 128GB microSD cards in each SD card slot. 
  • Record 180 DEGREE of recording coverage.








Truck Driver, Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Claims with our FalconEye Triple 3 Camera Dash Cam! 

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been falsely accused in a traffic accident or a moving violation we’re sure you would’ve liked to have had video proof. Now you can, with an unbelievably cost effective dash camera from Falcon Electronics. The Falcon Triple Cam DVR Dash Cam offers crystal clear audio & high-resolution recording of everything you see and hear.The main camera is mounted on your windshield and will give you 140 degree of recording of everything in front of you. Then you will mount each waterproof outdoor cameras on each of the mirrors and point these cameras behind you. This dash cam also has G-sensor technology which can detect an impact or collision and will automatically protect any video clips if there is an accident that the G-sensor detected

  • The FalconEye Triple Cam Dash Cam acts as your vehicle black box
  • Records all you see and hear from 3 viewpoints time and date stamped HD Video
  • Records continuously, replacing old video footage with new footage
  • Three cameras included, records 3 viewpoints at once
  • Main Cameras is an 1080P Wide Angle HD Camera
  • 2 Outdoor Cams are 100% weatherproof with 120 degree angle & 45’ Cable
  • G-Sensor – record and save video file if you are in an accident
  • SOS: manually lock & protect video by pushing button
  • 3.0” LCD Screen - LARGE LCD Screen
  • Parking Motion Mode: turn on parking mode & dash cam will turn on and record when unit senses motion
  • Easy to operate, installs in minutes. Ready to use out of the box
  • Dual SD Card Slot. Main Camera records videos on one SD card and the 2 outside cams record on the other SD card. All Videos are record simultaneously on both microSD cards
  • You choose the Memory sizes from - 2 16GB microSD Cards - 2 32GB microSD, 2 64GB microSD cards, or max of 2 128GB microSD cards 
  • Includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, NO RISK
  • Includes 1 Years Manufacturing Warranty

This dash cam acts as your vehicle black box, records all you see and hear with a time and date stamped video file that will help you prevent fraudulent claims and erroneous traffic tickets. We all know that this technology has been used by police officers for years to protect them, why shouldn’t you use that same technology? Now, if your insurance companies or any Judge wants evidence of a traffic ticket or accident, you will have a time and date stamped video that will assist you!  

  • Video Main Camera: AVI Format, 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
  • Video Second Camera: AVI Format, 640 by 480 @ 30 fps
  • Viewing Angle: Main Camera 140 Degree, 2nd Camera 120 Degree
  • CPU: Dual Core CPU
  • Display: 3.0” TFT Colorful LCD
  • SD Card: Dual microSD Card Slots. You can have up to a 128GB microSD Card in each SD Card Slot
  • Length of Recording Time on SD Cards:
    • 4-5 Hrs with 16GB
    • 8-10 Hrs with 32GB 
    • 16-20 Hrs with 64GB 
    • 32-40 Hrs with 128GB
    • Video Format: H.264 .AVI File Format
    • 2nd and 3rd Cam Wire Length: 45' Feet
    • Sensor: NT99141
    • G-Sensor & SOS Button: included (with controller)
    • Interface: USB. 2.0, AV-IN, GPS (GPS optional)
    • Internal Microphone: included (main camera only)
    • Operation System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista or above
    • Continuous Loop Recording: Included
    • Motion Detection: Included
    • Power: DC5V
    • Rechargeable 210mAh Li-Polymer Battery
    • Cycled Recording: Included
    • Nominal charging time: Max 2 hours
    • Battery Use Time: Up to 5 minutes (not designed to be used without charger)

      • FalconEye Trucker Main Dash Cam with 3.0" LCD
      • 2 Waterproof 2nd cameras with bracket with 45 foot cable
      • 1 USB charging/data Lines
      • 1 Cig Lighter DC mobile chargers
      • 1 Heavy duty windshield mounts
      • 1 Wired Controller (will allow customer to lock videos, turn off recording & more)
      • 1 Power Module
      • 1 User guides

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        Ask a Question
        • What minimum temperature can these cameras work ?

          Hello, These cameras are rated to work in -30 Farenheit to 150 Farenheit

        • Does it have on screen playback or does sit need to be downloaded into a computer to view recordings?

          the 3 Cam dashcam has a 3 inch LCD screen that you can use to view live videos, playback video files, change menu settings and more. Thanks

        • I see in the pictures that the outside cams are usually mounted On the bottom of the mirrors. Can the mirror cams be mounted on the top of the mirror or will the image be upside down.

          Yes, you can mount the camera with the bracket on the bottom of the camera because you can rotate the bracket on the camera and you can keep the camera right side up. this will work great for you

        • How is it at night...is it clear....and if not .which items is great for night use

          Hello, the front camera does a very good job in low light and the outside cams do a pretty good job, most of our customers are very happy with the performance

        • Does it record at night also..and is it really clear.

          Great question, what powers the dashcam is the cig ligther charger. If your cig lighter charger is hot when the key is off, then the dasham will stay on. If our cig lighter is not Hot when key is on, then the dashcam will not be on. We also have 12v hard wire kits available where you can choose a constant or keyed power source with 12 hard wire power:https://www.dashcam.co/collections/dash-cam-accessories/products/3-camera-dash-cam-12-volt-hard-wire-power-cable-for-dash-cams-replaces-cig-lighter-charger-installs-in-minutes?variant=35413444104 . The front camera is really good at night, the outside cams are better than average

        • How well does this system do at night? My job has me driving 99% at night so video quality during low to no light is crucial.

          The front camera does good at night. The 2 outside cams are average at night. Below are 2 dashcam systems that have much better night/low light viewing for the outside cams for sure and the front cam. These 2 systems below have a much better overall cameras but these 2 cameras require 2 power sources

          Prime 4 Cam: https://www.dashcam.co/collections/dvr-dash-cameras/products/prime-4-camera-1080p-trucker-dash-cam-includes-4-cams-2-outdoor-cam-best-day-night-video-free-shipping 

          Pinnacle 4 Cam with WIFI/GPS: https://www.dashcam.co/collections/dvr-dash-cameras/products/pinnacle-wifi-4k-gps-quad-4-dash-cam-top-of-the-line-dual-cam-with-night-vision?variant=11046009667628 

        • And you are saying that the parking mode works automatically after 15 minutes of no motion....what happens before the 15 minutes

          yes, the parking mode turns on after 15 minutes of in action. Before this, the camera will record for 15 minutes. Then if there has not been any motion for 15 minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode (parking mode) and will only start to record again once there is motion

        • For parking mode do I need any extra equipment so it will not drain my battery?

          You do not need additional equipment. If the dashcam has power when you are parked, the unit automatically goes into parking mode when there is no motion. When motion is sensed, the unit will start to record until motion is gone. The unit will draw very little power when parked, but if your car was parked and not started for 3-4 or more weeks, this unit could eventually drain your battery.

        • How are the outside cameras mounted

          most customers install the cams on the mirror using heavy duty zip ties, some will drill into a flat surface, some will use heavy duty velcro

        • Can I order with no memory and supply my own memory card?

          yes, for sure, when ordering, just choose the option WITHOUT memory and then you will need to buy 2 microSD cards, up to 128GB. Thanks

        • I have a sedan .can I install the others two cams inside my car.one as a rear view cam and the other facing inside the car?.

          yes, this is common, the 2 outside cams can be installed inside or outside, this would work great

        • Can this 3 cam system be connected to a larger LCD screen like a 9 or 10 inch screen?

          no, this does not have an external LCD output. AFter you record, you can play the videos easily back on an larger LCD

        • How are the outside cam's mounted to the mirror? Can they be mounted using 3m double sided tape

          Most customers use heavy duty zip ties, but weatherproof 3m double sided tape is common as well. Others will use zelcro and some will drill into a flat surface, all 4 options works great

        • Can you change from the regular outside cameras to the night vision cameras for the FE3CAM108PNOMEMORY

          Hi, these cameras cannot be interchanged with any other cameras from any other system. You can only use the outside cameras shown in the product page

        • How many minutes or hours does this record on a 128gb st card? When emergency recording is initiated, how many minutes before the incident does this record to the store card?

          Hello, the 3 cam dashcam will record 25-30 hours on a 128GB SD card, depending upon resolution you choose. When the G-Sensor is activated from a rapid deceleration, the unit protects the ENTIRE video file (2-3 minute video file) and this video file is stored in a seperate folder on the SD card, so the loop recording will not delete the protected G-Sensor recordings. Call us anytime 972.600.1320

        • Can you view the all the camera on the screen at the same time. Or at least the 2 outside cameras?

          As you are recording, you will see the 2 outside cams on the 3" LCD in a split screen. it will not display the front camera, but you can look out the windshield and see that view better than on the LCD. Thanks

        • Can I get this camera system hardwired into my trucks?

          Yes for sure, very common, purchase this 12v hard wire kit and you can do that easily: https://www.dashcam.co/collections/dash-cam-accessories/products/3-camera-dash-cam-12-volt-hard-wire-power-cable-for-dash-cams-replaces-cig-lighter-charger-installs-in-minutes?variant=35413444104

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